Collection Exhibition – 1 Day Left

Hi all. There is one full day left of the collection exhibition at Stew gallery. All work will be coming down after 5:30pm on Wednesday 14th August. We were lucky enough to have been able to extend the exhibition a few more days so get down tomorrow for the final day if you haven’t already been to see it (or even if you want to see it again!).

Here are a few pics of the exhibition to whet your appetites.

Andrew Elvin Drawings

Andrew Elvin has sent us some lovely drawings he’s been working on recently. Don’t forget to check out more of Andrew’s work at and look in the Artists category on the right hand side of the screen.


Making Space brings you the Collection exhibition at Stew Gallery from Wednesday 7th to 10th August.

Collection will explore the ideas of collecting, nostalgia and possessions through a variety of art works including sculpture, paintings, prints, installations and more.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch, as there are limited spaces available. Entering work into the exhibition is free but a commission will be charged on sales.

Entry to view the exhibition is free.


Paint: A Celebration Of Painting

Print Odyssey – Submissions Open for 2013‏

To request an application form please email

For more information on the 2013 exhibition please visit the new blog HERE

Pointillism by Andrew Elvin

Andrew Elvin has sent us some wonderful examples of his new Pointillism work. These will be up in our regular  exhibition space at Rude Boys Studios very soon.

Andrew says;

‘I greatly admire the Pointillism artist Maximilien Luce and always wanted to create a painting of my own in this style. I have tried a few Pointillism paintings now but I had never been happy with them so ‘going back to the drawing board’, I decided to try out just black ink to hone this skill. I was pleasantly proud of what came about on the page with the Jimi Hendrix. Friends started to suggest who they would like to see and along came Dimebag Darrell and Johnny Cash.  Also with having AS, painting on large canvas is not always comfortable for me but I found these pictures gave my body a break as I could do them in relatively more comfort. It was always a good excuse to blast out their music while I dotted away too. There will be more on their way soon when my ear drums have recovered.’

Head over to for more of Andrew’s work.

Alexis C Evans

Take a look at Alexis C Evans’ work and check out more at Alexis’ website.
Alexis says;
“After leaving Norwich art school and completing a MA in fine art I went into full time employment with what can only be described as creative burn out. After a long period of not making any art,  I took up the pencil again and haven’t stopped drawing or printing since.

The themes surrounding my work explores animals interaction in our anthropromic  victorian, sentimental,  culture, how that perpetually  influence my drawing, attempting to capture a sense of a sentient being. Exploring how are culture objectifies animals, representation  and meaning, through characterisation , classification, mythology folklore and religion symbology.

I am currently building a new portfolio of drawings  ’works’ for a website.  During May last year  I  started a blog, which I have continued to update, with new works including hoarded drawing and prints.”

You can see more at the link below.

Naomi Zachary-Le​vey

Naomi Zachary-Le​vey has sent us some examples of her work to share with you. Read Naomi’s statement below and check out her website for further reading.

Naomi says;

“From creating imaginary worlds and being fascinated with animation and cinema, it was clear from an young age that the real world was never going to be enough for Naomi Levey. Armed with her first set of crayons and a pad of paper as a toddler, she began to scribble her imaginary characters and worlds into life… And she just didn’t stop.

A child-like sense of wonder, a vast imagination and a quirky sense of humour are at the core of Naomi’s artwork. Drawing inspiration from cartoons, nature, cinema, music and literature, Naomi creates an ever-changing fantasy world where nothing is what it seems, a world whose endearingly strange characters can swing from whimsical to creepy in a heartbeat.

Naomi’s work can be found across the United Kingdom in tattoo shops, art galleries and private art collections. Her eclectic style has evolved from painting and sketching to mixed media pieces involving paper, fabric and sculptured elements. All the elements of her artwork are hand-made allowing Naomi to invest herself fully in her work, making each piece both personal and unique.

Her current body of work is a series of 30 mixed media pieces entitled “The Forests of Ereshades”. She currently resides in Norwich in a toadstool cottage.”

Life Painting and Drawing – Brian Korteling

Brian Korteling has announced another life drawing class on Sunday 16th December. See below for details.

“ The opportunity has arisen for another life painting day on Sunday 16th DecemberIt will be held in The Old House in Coltishall and the session will run from 10am until 4pm with a 30 min lunch break and couple of coffee/tea breaks also. At present I have 4 spaces left. The cost will be £25 per artist, tea and coffee etc will be included and I shall supply some basic drawing material and paper should people wish to do any warm up sketches at the beginning of the day. You will need to bring your own lunch however.”

Brian has also sent us a poster for the life drawing classes he runs on Tuesdays.

There Once Was I Amongst Timeless Trees

Brian Korteling, Rory McShane, Mike Dodd and Lucy Firks are currently holding their exhibition There Once Was I Amongst Timeless Trees until 5th January 2013 at The T Lounge, Ber Street, Norwich. Take a look at the poster below and head on down to check it out.